Most Expensive Luxury Homes in Palm Beach Today

Today, Palm Beach is at the focal point of the current luxury real estate market and two of the most expensive luxury homes are on the same road.

So dock your yacht and go along with us through today’s most costly luxury real estate in Palm Beach.

most expensive homes for September 8, 2016

Palm Beach Story: This Week’s Most Expensive New Listings

And while a $28.5 million Palm Beach mansion tops our look at the most expensive properties to hit the market this week, it’s far from the city’s priciest listing. In fact, it doesn’t even crack the… Read more at

Palm Beach is an island of ritz, fabulousness, and beautiful design going back decades. The individuals who adore history will be satisfied with two of Palm Beach’s most expensive luxury homes that were built during the 1920s.

Palm Beach Luxury Homes

Palm Beach’s 10 Most Expensive Homes: Tennis Courts, Pools, And More Toilets Than Ever

By far the most expensive home on the market is the opulent estate at 1220 South Ocean Blvd., with an asking price of $74 million. The gated home exudes Florida-meets-Versailles wealth with a sprawling garden, palm trees, intricate detailing, arches and columns. Another impressive home, “only” $24 million, was inspired by the crystal seas along the shores of… See more at The Huffington Post


Most Expensive Luxury Homes in Palm Beach Today Find more on: Diditan Luxury Home Builders LLC

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