Sponsor Webinar: Reaching Today’s Renters

af Rental management softeware company AppFolio is hosting a webinar on using the latest communication channels to reach rental households to expand your marketing reach. REALTOR® Magazine is promoting the webinar because it believes there could be information in it that’s valuable to rental property specialists, but the magazine isn’t participating in the webinar and is not endorsing its contents. Below is the company’s description of its free webinar:

Amplify Your Brand in 9 Surprisingly Simple Steps

Marketing in property management evolves as quickly as renters do. They want the latest and greatest in technology, and it’s up to you to connect with them on the channels they prefer! Join Barbara & Rebecca for 9 easy ways to amplify your brand with the best in marketing today.

Benefits of the webinar:

  • Learn how to integrate current trends into your marketing strategy
  • Adopt time-tested methods for increasing engagement across all channels
  • Make brand advocates out of your team members in the community
  • Personalize your communications, and let your uniqueness shine

When: Thursday, June 15, at 2 p.m., Eastern time
Where: Your computer or phone
Presenters: Barbara Savona and Rebecca Ross of Sprout Marketing



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