Costa Rica Healthcare System Going Digital

Costa Rica News – The Unique Digital Health File (EDUS) is now up and running in the Ebáis and hospitals throughout Costa Rica. This allows health centers to share information necessary for adequate patient care. It also allows the patients themselves to see the results of their tests within hours.

Gone are the days of millions of paper files, some that were volumes long. While the EDUS system won’t be at 100% for the next year, it is already making a difference. Most of the 1,072 Ebáis and 29 hospitals in the CCSS are connected.

In many emergency situations, a patient might not have copies of his paper file or be able to recall details from lab tests. A doctor can now pull up MRI results in the emergency room even if the test was done in another hospital.

It also helps see abuses in the system. For instance, a doctor could clearly see that a particular patient was going from hospital to hospital trying to get disability. It also saves the CCSS money by avoiding duplicate tests because results are now more easily available.


What Is the Future of the Job Market in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – What jobs will be in high demand in 2025? Demographic changes as well as technological ones point us to see a trend in opening employment opportunities. Studying for a career in care services or technology are good bets.

The International Labor Organization foresees 475,000 million jobs being created in the world between 2020 and 2030 in the field of caring for people. The population over age 65 is not as large as the population between 15 and 29 years old but this will equalize by 2050 leading to more opportunities in caring for the elderly, careers such as doctors, nurses, and assisted living aides.

Additionally, with more women working, there is a greater demand for care services such as education and care for minors. The relational nature of care work limits the possibility to replace these jobs with robots or technology.

Speaking of technology, new jobs are being created in this field, such as optimizers of drone traffic, molecular gastronomy and virtual reality architects. It is estimated that the need for software developers, systems analysts and marketing specialists will increase by 20% by 2025.

Top Beaches in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Top Beaches in Montezuma, Costa Rica

A true tropical oasis, Costa Rica has something to suit most everyone’s fancy. White sand beaches offer the perfect playground for children, families and couples. The palm tree lined coast allows ample shade from Costa Rica sunshine and floating in the blue ocean is the perfect way to unwind. Sit back, relax and imagine warm, tropical breezes tickling your skin as we take you on a tour of Costa Rica’s hottest beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula.

List of Beaches in Montezuma

  1. Playa Grande

    The 20 minute hike through jungle and beaches leads you to a long, flat and secluded stretch of beach. You’ll often feel as though you are on a private island. The long rolling waves are perfect for surfing, boogie boarding and swimming.

    What’s Cool: There is no road access to Playa Grande, so hiking in and out is your only option! This makes for a secluded and private beach getaway.

  2. Playa Cocalito

    The best way to reach Playa Cocalito is on horseback. The ride will take you through green jungle paths and long stretches of beach. Once you arrive, you’ll be met with clear blue waters, white sand, rock formations, a waterfall and a river to explore.

    What’s Cool: Playa Cocalito includes a waterfall! This is only one of 7 waterfalls in the world that drops into the ocean.

  3. Playa Las Manchas

    Las Manchas beach is easily accessible by car and might be one of the most picturesque beaches in the area. The clear turquoise water is mesmerizing and perfect for wading. There are many rock formations and tide pools, perfect for young families to enjoy.

    What’s Cool: Playa Las Manchas is a favorite for local families to come and enjoy! You’ll often find local kids playing after school and on the weekends.

  4. Santa Teresa

    This long, expansive beach is a beach lover and surfer’s paradise. Known for it’s great surfing waves, locals and tourists gather for day time fun and to catch the gorgeous sunset.

    What’s Cool: Surfing, surfing and more surfing!

  5. Mal Pais

    This once, small fishing village has become a popular surf destination. Small beach coves offer secluded hang out spaces and reef surfing.

    What’s Cool: Mal Pais does still have a traditional fishing community. Explore the old wooden boats and watch as the fisherman come in with fresh fish. Buy one straight off the boat!

  6. Manzanillo

    This rocky beach has a number of small tide pools to enjoy. On high tide, it can be nice for swimming. Many people come to enjoy the beautiful sunset colors.

    What’s Cool: Once a year in April, this beach hosts a sand castle competition!

  7. Playa Carmen

    Playa Carmen is the place to go if you want to sip a cocktail and watch the surfers. With a number of beach bars, restaurants and shops within walking distance, you’ll enjoy the sand, surf and local hang out spots.

    What’s Cool: Playa Carmen has an international vibe where many gather for the sunset and wave watching!

  8. Playa Hermosa

    Exactly as it sounds “Hermosa” is one of the most beautiful beaches around. Long flat, sandy stretches lined with palm trees. A favorite spot for surfing, tide pools and sunset watching!

    What’s Cool: Known for it’s long, rolling waves, it’s a perfect spot for beginning surfers.

  9. Playa Suecos

    A secluded beach tucked away. To reach the beach, you’ll need to wind your way through a jungle path. You’ll be rewarded with still tide pools and calm ocean waters.

    What’s Cool: Large rock formations and a beautiful sunset make for a perfect photo shoot location.

  10. Cabuya

    A remote fishing village, Cabuya has a number of rocky beaches to explore. Very undeveloped, you can explore rivers, tide pools and a couple of good surf spots.

    What’s Cool: On low tide, you can walk to an island cemetery in the middle of the ocean! Plan your trip with the low tide.

  11. Playa Tambor

    Located on Tambor Bay, you’ll find calm bay water that’s perfect for swimming, stand up paddle boarding, or kayaking. A great spot for families and friends to enjoy!

    What’s Cool: Keep your eyes open for Humpback whale sightings and Mahi Mahi.

  12. Playa Coyote

    A picturesque beach, Coyote is surrounded by mangroves, perfect for bird, crocodile and other wildlife sighting. The sand is fine and white and there’s a great surf spot!

    What’s Cool: Look out for a unique reef, perfect for snorkeling and surfing. Only accessible by walking.

  13. Piedra Colorada

    Located a 5 minute walk from Ylang Ylang, Piedra Colorada beach is where the mouth of a beautiful river, meets the ocean. It gets it’s name from the colorful stones and rocks you’ll find on this beach. The river often creates a beautiful pool for swimming. Hike up the river and you’ll find smaller swimming holes and waterfalls.

    What’s Cool: A long standing tradition at Piedra Colorada is to build a small sculpture with the colors stones. Leave your own mark with a colorful, creative work of art!

Where to Stay

Ocean view from Beach Front Bungalow Costa Rica Hotel

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Relax on our beach that is nestled between a rain forest teeming with exotic life. More adventurous travelers can explore the endless activities available including; surfing,scuba-diving, zip-lining, ATV, horseback riding and even trails through the jungle!

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