Northern Zone of Costa Rica; An Investment Hot Spot

Costa Rica News – The Northern Zone of Costa Rica has become a magnet attracting investment projects.

One example, a Tico-Panamanian company will channel $40 million in the cardboard box industry and will produce 200 jobs.

The Global Packaging Group is investing $40 million in just the first stage. The plant is being constructed in Muelle de San Carlos. It will create a free zone industrial park in the second phase.

This is just one of at least five planes of investment in the initial stages or in development. Some reasons companies are choosing the area include the improvements in infrastructure and the existence of manpower.

A pharmaceutical building is also in the works, where North American investors will install an embryo laboratory for livestock.

There will also be a new sugar mill for processing sugar cane.

The growth goes beyond the agricultural sector to software development and tourism. The area boasts thermal waters and spas.


Felipe Fournier Wins Latin Grammy for Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Tico musician and producer Felipe Fournier has won another Latin Grammy for Costa Rica, for best ranchera/mariachi music album, with his album “Las caras lindas.” This was the 18th awards ceremony.

This is the second prize for the country, as the National Symphony Orchestra took the prize in the category of best classical music album.

Fournier, age 32, has been working in New York for four years. He was very happy to be at the awards ceremony for the first time and take an award. He thinks of it as only the beginning of a lot more work and effort he will invest.

He gave special thanks to his family and the producer and musician Wálter Flores.

He graduated the Castella school and the National University. He studied jazz and Caribbean music in Puerto Rico and worked in Mexico before moving to New York. He has been nominated six times for a Latin Grammy.

Best Games to Try If You’re Bored While Traveling

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Live Casino

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Video Poker

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Scratch Games

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The Human Soul and Poetry

‘Matter is energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings.’ Albert Einstein.
The existence of the human soul is an ancient idea that has followed us into modern times. Our ancestors were convinced that we each have a soul and that it can be good or evil.

We can take a look at different mythologies around the world and compare them to our modern views on our souls. We each seem to agree that a human being is capable of housing a soul yet we still do not know how to harness it’s powers.

A soul is believed to be consisted of energy that transforms forever so that it is capable of surviving an eternity on many different astral planes.

In ancient Egypt we come across something like a soul that is referred to as a Ba. The Egyptian Book of the Dead states that this Ba rises up out of the body upon death in the shape of a falcon with a human head.

Our breathe is considered by some mystics to be the actual breathe of
the soul. Pranayama is what you call the breathe in eastern meditation practices. It actually means extension of the life force. Our soul is our essence.

Buddhist also believe in reincarnations. Reincarnation is about the soul of a person being reborn to another body. When you are reincarnated you are able to regain your consciousness from your previous life with memory even though you are not in the same body.

It is believed that the spiritual world can recognize our soul. We have auras. An aura is an essence all around you that seems to resonate several different colors each meaning to symbolize the soul inside of the body. Only certain people can see these auras and understand what they mean. Only recently has this idea become very popular. Indefinitely we cannot determine the exact moment of thought of the aura but we can assume that it is a fairly new notion. The Chakras have been around since the early ancient times and they are signified with colors.

With the invention of Kirlian photography we can clearly prove that aura’s exist.

New Age concepts use the crystal skull. The crystal skull is made to absorb the essences of life matter. They can retain human spirits and energy of all kinds. It is shaped like a skull because the ancient peoples believe that this is the source of all knowledge – that which is inside of the human skull.

We could argue than of where the soul is related. Many theorists speculate that the soul could be housed within your heart or mind. Most people agree that a soul is a small size that hides easily in the body.

Yet how does a soul transplant itself from a dead person to a living and why does it cease to dwell in a body that is no longer living?

The theory of the vampire is that he is immortal. He is a soulless demonic thing. Could the soul of somebody be trapped inside of an immortal creature? After all the gods themselves each have souls.

Even if you believe in just one God, he has a soul that is contained, an essence, a spirit. Some cultures believe that gods and goddesses incarnate into human flesh never really changing who they are.

The devil in mythology goes around harvesting souls. In the Christian bible, it reads that if you really want to find God that you must seek him with all of your heart and soul (Deuteronomy 4:29). This acknowledges that we do have souls and many people have thought since ancient times of this.

Wherever it may be hiding we may never know until our destroyer comes to take it from us. Countless legends describe it differently yet the soul is the only piece of us that seems to matter in the whole greatness of the universe. We are capable of unleashing the gifts deep rooted in our soul- broken audio memories of the past through dreams, visions, fantasies and meditation. All these things are the parts of your soul that is channeling throughout your whole body.

Shooting stars fly by,
My soul burns beneath moonlight,

I want to hide away with feathers to cover my face.
In your bed, pillows out of place,
OVERWHELMED, because I do it to myself.
Yet, we are only God’s POSSESSIONS,
Love spell master, a disaster ,

Angels fall in love to quick.

My design is like love,
mixed with faith,
We are all spiders,
spinning webs.~

I am a temple made for a holy spirit,
A vase filled with many dreams,
They pour out like water,
To form the mist upon my wings.

Murky waters salty air
Shipwreck visions
Mermaid wind song
heard like premonitions

Black waves salty air
Ocean like a galaxy
Siren lead my soul astray
lost caves

Dreams at midnight
all gone today
a thief has stole them
lanterns blaze

Memories bitter salty air
hidden souls like ships cross
over there,
lost, lost everywhere

By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/

Let Us Help You Plan Weddings in Costa Rica

Are you getting married soon? You must be concerned about the venue for the most beautiful day of your life. The wedding dress, the menu, the decorations and the cake must be perfect for you. After all, it’s a big day and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to make it perfect.

We make wedding planning easy

We understand planning is a wedding is a stressful task. There are so many things to  remember – guest lists, menus, music, flowers – the list goes on and on. The location for your wedding is just as important as all the other details — some would say it’s most important. Experts always suggest that you choose the location of your wedding first, and then select your dress, decoration and other items that complement the theme. We have a variety of wedding vacation packages for every taste and budget.

costa rica wedding

If you are in the process of choosing a destination for your wedding, consider the beauty of Costa Rica. It’s beautiful, serene, and still secluded from the rest of the world. It’s the perfect place to tie the knot. The sheer beauty of this place will act as the perfect theme décor for your wedding, making it look amazing and beautiful, all at the same time.

An event to remember

Weddings in Costa Rica are becoming quite popular, simply because of the beauty of this place. Costa Rica has some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world. Here, at The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, we can help you plan an amazing beach wedding that will captivate your guests and provide you with a lifetime of memories.

Our wedding department will help you plan each detail of your wedding –  our Costa Rica wedding packages cover everything from the ceremony to the reception. Not only will you and your guests enjoy an unforgettable union, but everyone will also enjoy a relaxing vacation in one of Costa Rica’s most coveted destinations.

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Ecuador Real Estate Group Investing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate – Ecuador Real Estate Group has announced a $45 million investment in Costa Rica.

200 people will be hired to build two towers in La Sabana, for the new Iconnia housing project, the first part of this investment.

The Ecuadorian company Furoinani Obras y Proyectos (FOP) will be in charge of building the towers in Sabana Norte, the area with the greatest purchase interest for vertical developments.

They will both be residential towers.

The construction of the first tower will begin in December and be completed in 2019. Each tower has an investment of over $22 million. Tower A will have 147 one and two bedroom apartments. Prices will start at $117,300.

The company chose Costa Rica due to its stable economic reputation, legal security, high levels of education, abundant culture, and market receptive to innovation, in addition to that it is a regional headquarters of many multinationals.

Costa Rica & The Secrets to A Long Life

Costa Rica Health – “Who wants to live forever?” famously sang Freddie Mercury.

Not everyone. But living life to its fullest and longest certainly has appeal. In reality, wealth has very little to do with long-term survival. Money can’t buy you love… and it can’t buy you extra birthdays either.

The secrets of longer living probably lie in the world’s Blue Zones, areas singled out for their high-ageing populations. The world’s biggest Blue Zone, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, will host a World Meeting of Blue Zones this week to discuss the qualities determining the remarkable life expectancy of their community.

Along with the world’s other Blue Zones – Icaria (Greece), Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan) and Loma Linda (US) – this humble Costa Rican community is attracting tourists keen to soak up some of their life-giving forces.

Located on a 130-kilometre peninsula, north of the Nicaraguan border in the Guanacaste region, Nicoya is home to 865 nonagenarians and 41 people over the age of 100.

So what is the secret to their success, and can we sample a bit of it, too?

No stress in the local vocabulary

Nicoyans appear to have have longer telomeres, essential elements at the end of chromosomes determining how human cells age.

“Some scientists have argued that telomere length is a proxy for stress,” Gilbert Brenes of the Central American Center For Population told CNN. “And what we’ve found is people in Nicoya are less stressed and have been less stressed throughout their lives.”

Hard drinking water

“Nicoyans specifically have water that percolates through the limestone and it’s very high in calcium and magnesium,” says Dan Buettner, an author and authority on Blue Zones. This extremely high calcium content could be responsible for lower rates of heart disease and stronger bones.

Light meals

Most Nicoyans tend to eat lighter meals – particularly in the evenings. Their traditional diet is maize and beans.

Daily sunshine

Located on the Pacific coast, Nicoya enjoys a warm, sunny climate. Sunshine plays an important role in strengthening bones, preventing osteoporosis and reducing the risk of heart disease. Just 15 minutes spent soaking up rays can boost Vitamin D levels.

Good reason to live

The Nicoyans call it “Plan de vida” – a positive outlook that drives daily activities and helps keep the metabolism fully charged. No matter how old they are, people in the community have a purpose and they take it seriously. But not too seriously – laughter is important aspect of pura vida (the pure life), a lifestyle choice celebrated nationally, encouraging everyone to smile.

People are everything

Socialising is central to the Nicoyan way of life. Generations live together in the same household, neighbours visit each other regularly, and people are always ready to listen. Some might argue living in the pockets of in-laws could take years off your life, but it’s the sense of connection that is said to really hold this community together.

By Sarah Marshall, The Sydney Morning Herald