Costa Rican Child Found Alone in Arizona Desert

Costa Rica News – A Costa Rican boy, of just six years old, was found alone in the Arizona desert. The area where he was found was near the border with Mexico which, in that spot, is divided by a fence. He had been left there by an uncle and told he’d have to wait alone until someone came to pick him up.

He carried his birth certificate and telephone numbers of family in New York.

The boy was rescued and brought to a shelter in Tucson, Arizona.

The Costa Rican consuls from Los Angeles and Arizona arrived and reported that the child is in good condition, despite the incredible hardship he faced alone in the desert in 100 degree weather.

After negotiating with US immigration authorities, the Tucson Border Patrol in Arizona agreed to transfer him via a 6-hour direct flight to a shelter in New York.

There, his mother and her family can visit him. There is the hope that US authorities will allow the child to go live with his mother if she can prove a socioeconomic status that shows she can care for him.


Remote Jungle Lodges in Costa Rica By a White Water Raft

Costa Rica Travel – We all love a new experience, but would you be adventurous enough to arrive into your jungle lodge in Costa Rica on a white water raft, having negotiated the local rapids on the transfer? If so, you can do so as part of a “Costa Rica Rainforests and Rivers” trip run by Off the Map Travel, in which you will arrive to the luxurious Pacuare Lodge by white water raft.

The lodge has no roads leading to it, so the preferred mode of transport used is along the white water rivers, through thick jungles, past lush farmland and alongside towering volcanoes. The Pacuare river and jungle are home to many birds and mammals, and you will get to see them up close on your adventurous transfer. Ninety-five per cent of the rafting guides are from Turrialba, the closest city to the lodge.

For those who’d prefer an alternative mode of transport, you can also arrive by land on a 4×4 expedition vehicle. This leads to a hanging gondola that crosses the river to the lodge, or you can land directly into the lodge by helicopter. “As you make your way down river negotiating class III and IV rapids, you can listen for the welcome call of the monkeys, watch vibrant blue butterflies dancing in the sun and stop at waterfalls tumbling into the river,” says Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel.

“The rapids and excitement of the white water then give way to calm as you approach a true jungle paradise in the form of Pacuare Lodge. It’s a magical way to arrive and one of the most memorable transfers we do.” As well as this dramatic mode of transport, guests have a choice of activities during their stay, including guided wildlife and hiking tours, volcano tours, zip-lining and indigenous cultural and culinary experiences.

For more information on Off the Map Travel’s tailor-made travel itineraries, please visit its website here.

ANDREA SMITH, Lonely Planet

Costa Rica Shipping; The Truth About Shipping A Vehicle to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Relocation – When shipping a car or motorcycle to Costa Rica there are a number of things that will shock you and other things to consider after the initial shock. The experts are here to help.

Deciding to bring other more personal or sentimental items may come easier but whether to bring or leave your vehicle and the option of buying one in Costa Rica are concerns that have undoubtedly crossed your mind while you’re trying to stay excited about your move to Costa Rica and the more interesting parts of moving abroad.

Ultimately it’s entirely up to you and is a personal choice, of course, but the recommendation most accepted is to bring the vehicle you already own. This is mainly because you know it’s history. There is no Carfax in Costa Rica and you never know what you’re getting. Guarantees are almost non-existent and unreliable at best.

Get Your Free Guide to Shipping to Costa Rica

Then there’s the cost issue. Here’s where it gets tough because either way it’s going to cost more than you hoped. That’s because vehicles are taxes between 52% and 79% import tax upon entering the country. This will either show up in the cost of the vehicle you buy here or as a tax you must pay directly that is perhaps higher than the value you estimate your vehicle is worth.

You must also remember that Costa Rica is now implementing a law that restricts vehicles age 12 or older to be shipped into Costa Rica.  Although the law is not being enforced as of yet, the ocean shipping companies are not shipping any vehicles of these ages out.

If you live more than a few miles from the nearest town there is likely not a good enough public transportation system and you’ll need a vehicle. Even in the cities, buses are annoying and Uber is expensive.

You might want a change and decide to sell your vehicle for close to market value and then just buy another one with the money and perhaps a little extra investment when arriving in Costa Rica. This sounds appealing because you save the hassle of shipping and get a change in vehicle and country, everything has a fresh start.

On the other hand, keep in mind that because of the high cost of cars in Costa Rica people often hold onto them until they are almost useless and then sell them just before they fall apart.

Also keep in mind that companies specialize in shipping cars and motorcycles to Costa Rica and can take the difficult parts off your hands. They can ship it, process the import tax and even deliver your trustworthy vehicle to your new home in Costa Rica. This is all brought to you at about the same price you’d pay for a similar vehicle in Costa Rica or even a bit less.

Legends of The Moon & Poetry

Enchanted Moon
Your heart is like a mirror and I am the seer of love.
Words rise up from my lips and I can feel the sun kiss me.
I am never alone.
Your anger is like a natural disaster.
I put the beast to sleep with a song.
My halo is a divine flower growing from a seed I nourish with powerful thoughts.
Our souls are like vines twisting, nurtured in green gardens of the underworld.
Dreams pour from the moon and slip through my hands like memories.
Diana Pagan Goddess of the Moonlight
Diana is the goddess of the hunt. She transformed into a goddess of the moonlight. She is a great goddess and has been worshipped in many positive ways. She is the queen of Heaven. She is always standing up for women and their rights. She is fabled to have turned herself into a black cat and snuck into Lucifer’s chambers as he was sleeping. She then got pregnant in his bed with their daughter, Aradia who is the goddess of the witches.

Can you feel the moonlight?
Super moon come closer to me.
Whisper secrets of the night
into my ears like a flowing sea.
Moonflower is growing in time
with the song of outer space.
You are the paradigm of beauty,
Your visions and spells encase
me in a magic shell like a glass coffin
sleeping forever and waiting for you
like Endymion and Selene dreaming
dreaming my heart in the moonlight
is blooming.

The Goddess of the Moon and Endymion
The goddess of the moon has a different name in each culture. Diana is a derivative of a Latin word meaning bright sky. As the Queen of Heaven she rules as Inanna. In Greek mythology she can be compared to Selene. There are legends of love in each culture between her and Endymion. He was a very beautiful mortal. She found him to be irresistible. She wanted to have him forever yet he was a mortal. She begged God to put him into an eternal sleep and he did. He sleeps eternally dreaming.

The Legend of the Vampire
In Greek mythology, the legend of the vampire began with Selene and Ambrogio. Ambrogio was a handsome Italian man with a desire to travel. He wanted to visit Greece to have his fortunes told. Recorded in the scriptures of Delphi was this tale. He met Selene at the moon temple and they fell in love. Apollo, the god of the sun was also in love with Selene. He placed a curse on Ambrogio that he could not go out into the sun so that he could not go back and meet Selene at the moon temple. Ambrogio ran into a cave where Hades was dwelling. He told him he would help if he could recover the hunting bow of Artemis. He sold his soul to the devil. After many days he began writing poetry for Selene and begged Artemis for her help. She decided to help him. The lovers were finally able to meet and Ambrogio wrote her a note asking her to meet him at his ship as he was to set sail back to Italy. He was sleeping in a coffin and he told her not to open it until after the sunset because the sun would burn him. She sailed with him and they were in love together. Artemis helped Selene to become immortal by teaching Ambrogio how to drink her blood and turn her into a vampire queen. This was the beginning of vampires in Greek mythology and also the beginning of Selene as the moon goddess.

I am a temple made for a holy spirit,
a vase filled with many dreams
that pour out like water
to form the mist upon my wings.

Space Goddess
Shooting stars orbit those crystal souls a gold heart, glowing aura angel goddess cosmic tides rushing heat lava over coal diamond indigo children alien abductions locked minds, strange celestial emotions
tragic memory white metal key seductions lost in our outer space spirit misplaced planetary alignment comets crosses faith
prisms bows raindrop rebels tears erased terrible emotions dreams without purpose revelations, salutations, sky vibrations
spiritual purpose star map magic serpent don’t give up the humanity of our touches hands together clasped forever in prayer Gods design fingers entwine his clutches.

Love is my hunter
My eyes fill up with the sea

Wings cover my face.
As I talk about a pagan goddess above, let me go back into time, back to 2014, in which I was inspired to write about a man-god, a half god named Hercules after watching the latest movie about Hercules.   I will call this The Legends of Hercules.
The Mythology
Hercules is the legendary hero of the era of Greek and Roman mythology. He is a great force who is half mortal and half immortal. In Greek mythology he is worshipped as a God.The story of Hercules starts when Zeus and his mother meet. Her name is Alcmena. She is the daughter of a great warrior. His name is Amphitryon. His father is a king. His kingdom is Tiryns.The great goddess Hera discovered that Zeus had been with Alcmena. Out of jealousy she tried to kill Hercules as an infant- sending two snakes into his crib to kill him. Hercules killed the serpents.

Hercules married a woman named Megara. She was a daughter of a king that Hercules won the right to marry in battle. He ended up killing her and her children in a rage set in by Hera. Hercules is a hero so to him this is devastating. He needed forgiveness so he traveled to meet an oracle in Delphi. He could be forgiven if he performed 12 labors for his kingdom.

Here is the Twelve Labors of Hercules:

Slay the Nemean Lion
The Nemean Lion was actually a shape shifting woman that would lure men into the rocks with her human damsel in distress tricks. Upon coming closer she turned into a lion and would eat them. Hercules destroyed her with her own sharp claw.

Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra
Hercules cut off the head of the Hydra with a golden sword that Athena had lent to him. Hera sent down a giant crab like monster to try to distract Hercules. Lolaus is his nephew and he fought alongside with him at this point.

Capture the Golden Hind of Artemis.
The hind was very hard to capture, but Hercules did this even though it took him traveling through many countries to accomplish this.

Capture the Erymanthian Boar.
Hercules has the help of a centaur to complete this task.

Clean the Augean stables in a single day.
He reset the directions of two rivers to accomplish this task.

Slay the Stymphalian Birds.
These are man eating birds with beaks of bronze and feathers of metal. These birds were sacred to Ares. Athena decided to help Hercules because the birds were destroying crops. She gave him a rattle made by Hephaestus.

Capture the Cretan Bull.
Hercules battled this bull with his bare hands. He actually let it go free because his companion wanted to sacrifice it to Hera but Hera would not accept it.

Steal the Mares of Diomedes.
Hercules kills the owner of the mares and feeds them the body which acts as a tranquilizer.

Obtain the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.
A beautiful princess wanted a belt given to an Amazon Queen by Ares. He ended up killing the Queen because Hera interceded and made it so the Queen was paranoid instead of kind and she tried to go up against Hercules.

Obtain the cattle of the monster Geryon.
Hercules captures each last cattle and has them disguise their tracks by getting them to walk backwards.

Steal the apples of the Hesperides.
Hercules captures a shape shifting, Old Man of the Sea to figure out the location of this garden. Hercules agreed to hold up the world for a moment for Atlas while than shaking the fruit free.

Capture and bring back Cerberus.
He learned from Eleusis how to enter and exit the underworld alive. Then he attacked it with his bare hands and dragged it up to the Earth.

After the twelve labors Hercules lived the rest of his life much the same way. He had many adventurous and the God’s were still highly interested in his acts.

The Constellation of Hercules

The constellation of Hercules is the fifth brightest constellation in the sky. The constellation is said to represent Hercules standing over the dragon that guards the entrance to the garden where the golden apple was.

Beta Herculis is the brightest star in this constellation. This constellation has fifteen stars with planets orbiting within.

The Two stars Vega and Lyra lay very close by.

Hercules – Starring Dwayne Johnson (Movie Review by Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Movie Critic)

The Hercules Movie was just released. The role of Hercules is played by Dwayne Johnson. It is based on the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars.
Dwayne Johnson doesn’t wear his shirt for most all of the movie. He rarely has armor on. He is good at being intimidating.

In the movie, Hercules has companions that seem familiar to the people that he encounters in the mythologies of his twelve labors. The movie doesn’t explain the twelve labors exactly or the people that came from his past. The characters are all just there and there are no introductions.

The woman warrior in his group is an Amazon Queen so I am assuming they were trying to keep that labor alive yet they don’t explain how she began traveling with him.

His nephew is also by his side much like in the legends.

There is also a very funny oracle that travels with him. He has visions that he thinks his companions don’t take seriously yet they do because he foresees his own death at one point but is saved thanks to his friends that are listening despite their silence.

Hercules starts with the last labor. Hercules is just ready to finish his last task when he changes his mind and a new story is written and that is the movie of Hercules.

I recommend this movie because it stays true to the mythology of Hercules and continues on from that point with a new story. It is funny and intense. The monsters are beautiful to look at on the screen in the flashbacks.

It is a good movie if you know the legends well and even if you don’t. Hercules is a well-known story continued on through modern motion picture.

What Happens to Your Body When You Do Yoga

Health News – How this ancient form of exercise slays stress and revs you up, physically and mentally.

What seems like a slow start—breathing deeply, in and out—fires up your prefrontal cortex, the brain’s center for higher thought. You just got smarter: In one study, people scored higher on cognitive tests after 20 minutes of yoga.

Your intense focus helps quiet your noggin’s amygdala—a.k.a. your emotional network. That means more control over feelings such as anger and fear.

At the same time, happy brain chemicals like GABA may rise, making yoga a natural treatment for your gloomy moods.

Nervous System
The triple threat of breathing, focus, and movement ignites the parasympathetic, or “rest and digest,” nervous system, the antidote to the fight-or-flight stress response.

The vagus nerve, one of your body’s neural highways, carries that chill-out message to all your internal organs. Ahhh.

Lungs and Heart
Memo received: Your lungs expand to keep the belly breaths (and oxygen) coming.

Your heart also benefits. The effect is so strong that a regular yoga practice can lower your resting heart rate—in and after class.

The adrenal glands ease back on production of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to cravings for fatty foods. Post-yoga, it may be easier to resist snacking.

Immune System
That vagus nerve may also alert your immune system, which releases a stash of immunity-enhancing cells. You could now be better primed to fight off infections.

Balance and Strength
If you feel like a human teeter-totter at first, keep at it. Yoga—even just twice a week for a month—can improve your balance (key for cruising through your days uninjured).

Folding yourself into positions also stretches your muscles, tendons, and connective tissues close to their maximum capacity. Repeating these movements—under the watchful eye of a certified pro—can strengthen your core and limbs. And it will ramp up your flexibility, protecting your joints and muscles from damage.

Sources: Neha Gothe, Ph.D., Wayne State University; Sat Bir Khalsa, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School; Jennifer Rioux, Ph.D., University of New Mexico

By Kathryn Budig, Women’s Health

Surf Photos & Costa Rica Weekend Surf Report- June 22nd & 23rd

Costa Rica Surfing – (Surf Report June 22nd  23rd) – We are going to give you the surf forecast for Costa Rica and we have Costa Rica surf pics.  There are going to be overhead sets on the Pacific side  & small sets on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We have also added surf video from Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

North Costa Rica & Central Costa Rica & South Costa Rica Forecast for the Pacific

Friday 06/22- 4-6ft+ shoulder high to 1 ft overhead occ. 7 ft – Old SSW/SW swell lingers. New, larger SSW swell builds, strongest in the afternoon/evening.

Saturday 06/23 – 5-8ft – head high to 3 ft overhead – Solid SSW swell builds further and tops out – larger sets possible at standouts.

Video of the Surf at Playa Hermosa – Equipment From Reel Cameras

Caribbean Costa Rica Forecast

Friday 06/22 – 1-2ft – ankle to knee high – Very small very short period waves from the ENE. Light and variable winds with clean conditions.

Saturday 06/23 – 2-3ft – waist to stomach high – Very small very short period waves from the ENE. Light and variable winds with clean conditions.

Now Some Costa Rica Surf Pics (Photos Taken By Una Ola Surf Camp (

Apple Vacations Offering New Flight to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Apple Vacations is about to offer a new flight option. It will go between Rockford, Illinois, USA and the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The company will operate the flight as a charter between January and April 2019. The route will be offered weekly.

This flight is going to bring an estimated 2,340 tourists into the country, according to the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, ICT.

President Carlos Alvarado announced the information during a Facebook Live broadcast on the afternoon Wednesday, June 20th. “We have confirmed the arrival of a new flight to Costa Rica, it is Apple Vacations, which will fly from Illinois to Liberia for the first time between January and April,” he confirmed. He added that the route will bring benefits for the region and the tourism sector.

The flight points to the increased interest in vacationing in our country. Charters provide favorable connections complemented by regular flights. Rockford has a direct connection to more than 14 US cities.